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Interested in music from an early age, she began studying the violin at the Conservatory of her city, Brescia.

She continued her university studies in Parma, graduating in "Sciences and Technologies for the Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage".

In the meantime she approaches the art of violin making, also in Parma, where for five years she is a student of the International School of Violin Making under the guidance of M° Renato Scrollavezza, M° Elisa Scrollavezza and M° Andra Zanrè.

After graduating in 2014, she moved to Cremona, where she worked for a few years as an apprentice in the workshop of Giorgio and Ricardo Grisales.

In January 2019 she opened her own shop in the historic center of Brescia, where she passionately dedicates herself to the construction and repair of stringed musical instruments, especially violins and violas.

In her work she is inspired by the great traditional violin makers, but always in the direction of expressing her personal style.

At the School of Violin Making in Milan, under the guidance of M° Pietro Cavalazzi, she attended the course for the maintenance of bows, and then she specialized in the workshop of M° Giancarlo Pedretti in Gardone Val Trompia. So regarding to the bows she performs the replacement of the hair and small repairs.

From 2023 she is a member of A.L.I. - Associazione Liutaria Italiana.

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